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Eating the right food is essential for the Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Ayurveda aims to stop blockings between vata, pitta and kapha

This butter contains a lot of vitamines and is very healthy

Himalyasalt is cosmetic and therapeutic. Solves a lot of things.

Ayurveda contains many curing products for skin, hair and mouth

The tonque cleaner, to clean your tonque daily. And keep your mouth healthy

Yogitri is our own label where a lot of spices are avaible

Spices are not only good for food. But are also a really good medicine.

The Ayurveda contains many treatments depending on the imbalance (Vikruti) of the constitution (Praktiti), wich you can determine at Fascinerend. It is advisable to know how to repair the balance. Recommendations and treatments which come from the Ayurveda are:

The tonque cleaner and other products

Products that contribute to an healthy lifestyle