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The tonque cleaner is an important product used to remove bacteria, also known as Ama, from the tonque.

Tonque Cleaner

The tonque cleaner is an ayuverdic product with the purpose of removing bacteria and other debris from the tonque and therefore keeping the mouth hygienic.

The bacteria and debris on the tonque, also known as Ama, ensure hygienic complaints and also a bad breath. So the tonque cleaner will also give you a fresh breath.

A lot of eastern countries are using the tonque cleaner for centuries and it is also very important in the Ayurveda, the use of Indian medical arts.

The use of the tonque cleaner is to scrape it carefully from the back of the tonque to the front, and after that cleaning the tonque cleaner with a piece of paper or with water.

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Tonque cleaner

Tonque cleaner and oral hygiene

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